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Twig Ring with Montana Sapphire

SKU: 200-00364

This by-pass, twig style statement ring is made with 14 Karat rose gold, and holds a lovely .44CT round yellow/orange bi-color Montana Sapphire.

*If you do not see your size in the drop down menu, please contact us to see if this design is available in your size. 

At Studio Pandora we strive to make a commitment to being both environmentally friendly as well as ethically conscious.  The metal that Studio Pandora uses for our jewelry is made primarily with recycled and re-refined precious metals.  We hope that with the use of recycled precious metals we can help decrease the level of degradation new mines are causing on our natural recources. 

More gem-quailty sapphires are produced in Montana than anywhere else in North America. Montana Sapphires come in a variety of colors such as green, many shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Most sapphires from Montana are routinely enchanced by heat treatment to intensify their color. The stones are found in three areas of the state, Missouri River, Rock Creek, and Dry Cottonwood Creek.

The collection of Montana Sapphires sold at Studio Pandora came from small scale, low impact mines that sort through alluvial deposits which were once the riverbeds of ancient waterways. It's rare to find any two stones that are alike, making the Montana Sapphire a truly original piece of jewelry. 

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